Photography session with Bozeman Photographer Kelly Kuntz

When you’re browsing the web looking for a photographer wouldn’t it be awesome if you could see beyond the pretty pictures and look inside.  What is it like to have a session with Kelly Kuntz Photography?  Now you can!  This fall I was able to work with some amazing film makers to create a little video highlighting a newborn and a family session.  They are the amazing people behind the documentaries Walter and Where the Yellowstone Goes to name a few.  I was humbled by the opportunity to work with such talent, and very thankful that they are right here in Bozeman Montana!  I very much prefer to be behind the camera, but thankfully they edited the video beautifully to take out all my “ums” and nervous chatter where I went on and on.  Without further nervous chatter, enjoy the video 🙂

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