last day as a baby


I’m up to my eye balls in work (I’m not complaining!!) now the weather had gotten beautiful and the baby boom is in full swing.  I wanted to let you all know that a birthday recap post is coming, as soon as I can recover from the chaos and drama.  Why does drama always have to put a dark cloud over everything?  I’m doing my best to clear the drama, forgive and forget so I can remember the spunky one year old having a great time at his party.

I took Aiden to the park for his last day as a baby.  We went to Bogart (did you know the ripped out the old metal death/burn trap?) and we had the place to ourselves.  Aiden went down the slide a few times, and is starting to grasp the concept and tries to go at it alone.  He also spun the tick-tack-toe dials, but was still a little nervous about crawling through the tube, climbing the stairs or generally leaving mom’s side.

We decided a snack in the park was a much better idea, and photos of course.may290902ablog


  1. Courtney says:

    Look at all of those teeth! What a little chomper!

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