an afternoon at Nanna’s house

Aiden spends two days a week with Ryan’s mom Nanna and his cousins Colter, Cameron and Ethan. Nanna had to get her friend Rosie to help her because four boys and one Nanna is TOO much! Two months ago…
Colter is really into cameras lately.

Last week I had to reschedule a session due to bad weather so I had all my gear with me when I went to pick up Aiden so I had an impromtu photoshoot with the boys. By the time I got there Ethan had already gone so I only got three of the boys. Aiden was all about eye contact and smiling, I guess a little competition brings out the model in him 🙂
Aiden 5.5 months, Colter 2.5 years, Cameron 4.5 months
Even the babies thought the two year old was crazy.
Yeah one good one… thanks Nanna for holding the crazy two year old down 😉

  1. Sam and Jules says:

    haha!! cute pictures!!

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