baby’s first picture

and not the last! It was pretty interesting. Baby is head down and low. During the ultrasound baby kept its hands up on its face and played with its toes. 🙂 A little more flexible than me!

This is the best picture, it baby’s lips, nose, chin and arms. We weren’t able to get a profile shot, but this one is pretty cool. We almost didn’t get it either the radiologist came back in after the tech for a few minutes and randomly got this shot.

if you need help seeing it click here.

baby’s face…this scares Ryan
need more detail click here

and the little foot, the little toes would disappear and reappear as the baby wiggled its toes.more detail click here

No we didn’t find out what we’re having and the ultrasound tech didn’t even look so we can’t ask if we wanted to…not that we do 🙂


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