birth order • Bozeman child photographer

I love this family!  In the four years I’ve been photographing them it has been wonderful watching them grow and their personalities blossom.  As they get older and they fall into their personalities it is quite amazing to see how they fit their birth order to a tee.

W, the first born, driven (amazing athlete), nurturer (great big brother) and energetic.


P, the middle child, shy, a jokester and Rebellious!  Oh my the melt down at the end of the photoshoot… it was epic 🙂bozeman-child-photographer-kelly-kuntz-photography

Little sis, the baby, a good sense of humor (oh man she can giggle), sociable (the second I got to the house she walked right up to tell me this really great story, no warming up needed) and caring (she couldn’t part from her “baby” the entire session).bozeman-child-photographer-kelly-kuntz-01

Thank you H family!

Stay tuned for the Bozeman mini session announcement on the blog tomorrow morning!


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