Bozeman Birth photography – the birth of Claire

One of the greatest honors in my career is being asked to document a birth.  It is such an intimate and extraordinary event in a family’s life, and the fact that they trust me to capture that moment is an honor.  This sweet couple invited me to capture the birth of their first daughter.  Mom and I had kept in contact most of the day while she labored slowly and without much to report.  Then at 2:45 am I got the call that she was ready to come!  I raced (within the speed limit – there are a surprising number of cops out in Bozeman at that hour) up to the hospital.  Thankfully Mom was able to wait for me to arrive before she started pushing (we need the name of the anesthesiologist who administered her epidural!)  Klatt_54
and now for the whole story! the birth of Claire Elizabeth….

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