Kelly Kuntz is a Bozeman Child & Family Photographer. “Keepin’ It Real” is a blog circle of fellow Pinkle Toes Workshop alumni throughout North America where we are free to share our real moments. Please click through the links provided at the bottom of each blog post and explore! This summer our family trekked up to Whitefish MT for a little […]

10on10, personal

September 9, 2014

real excitement • Bozeman family photographers

I have joined up with a wonderful group of photographers from all over North America to share our real lives with our readers.  This month’s theme is “Real Adventure”.  In June we had the adventure of 2 toddlers on a trampoline, without a net.  We had to have the adults spread around the perimeter to […]


July 22, 2014

Real adventure • Bozeman family photography

For this month’s blog circle the theme is “real simple”.  A lovely group of photographers from around the country and Canada have joined together to share what is real simple in their lives this month.  Our family took a little overnight to the hot springs where are little fish swam and swam and swam and […]


May 10, 2014

Real Simple • family photographer

This month we have extended our blog circle so that we can share many more amazing photographers with all of you.  Each month will have a theme and this month’s theme is “real life”.  Real life for me is the best of both worlds three days of work and two days with this spunky little […]

10on10, personal

April 10, 2014

Real Life • Family Photography Bozeman

  This month has been a doozie.  Our family came down with a stomach bug that hit everyone, and knocked me out for 16+ days.  It was horrible.  I was starving, nauseas and tired.  On one of my good days we ventured outside for a little fresh air.  It was chilly and windy, but we […]


February 28, 2014

something I love • Bozeman Family Photography

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