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Friday night we ventured over to the Oddy house to celebrate Diane’s Birthday (Ryan’s mom). I had no idea that adding Aiden and Cameron to the mix would be so much more noise. I knew it would eventually… but not right away! It would have been pretty funny to be a fly on the wall for this one. Four kids 2 and under, ten adults and two dogs… full house. Thankfully Aiden was a little gentleman and let everyone hold him, slept through dinner and only squawked when he was hungry.

So what do you get the mom that has everything, a family photo of course! (Molly was really interested in my camera remote)Which led to impromptu photos of each family.

Jen (Ryan’s sis), John, Colter and CameronJay (Ryan’s Step-brother), Steph and Ethan

Then it was Larry and Diane’s turn with the dogs. With dogs and people you just have to keep shooting because you never know when everyone is going to look and sit at the same time. While I’m shooting away look at the little ham that ran into my view proclaiming “CHEESE”. You’d think he was trained or something. 🙂 He ran back and forth three times and we were dying of laughter. I’m surprised I was able to get the shot.Larry, Diane, Cosie and Molly
And US 🙂

  1. Sam and Jules says:

    cute family! I hope our baby is as good as Aiden and don’t worry Kels didn’t tell me about her blog either, I had to write her an email to find out about it..don’t feel bad (I saw your comment on hers)

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