Flathead Vacation Day two

To Glacier Park we go! When planning our trip to the Flathead this year I was insistent that we do something different, and Glacier was on my list of things to do. I’ve been as a kid, but it has been years and I really wanted to see it again. We left Mark and Joslyn’s house just in time to hit Aiden’s morning nap and he snoozed all the way to Glacier park. He was over it by the time we were on the Going to the Sun Road where there isn’t anywhere to pull off, and I was over it after the 10th time around the Logan Pass Parking Lot. 20+ minutes looking for a parking spot! I ended up getting out with Aiden, finding people leaving and standing in the parking spot so Ryan could come and park. No one would harass a lady with a little baby right… WRONG… they just kept driving at us until I moved… jerks. They got to see nature 3 minutes before us…hopefully karma paid them back. Luckily Ryan found a spot and we were able to have our tailgate lunch and get ready for a hike.

Aiden and Ryan ready to go. Mark said he’s never seen a guy where the baby bjorn, but Ryan wears it like a true Daddy.

Mark and Jos looked for wildlife… They didn’t need binoculars for that! I kills me that people treat National Parks like Zoos. This is a wild animal that could charge you at any moment. We jetted passed the big horn sheep quickly and continued on the hike.The views were spectacular!

Little did we know what was walking towards us on the trail. Jos walked right around the tree almost into three mountain goats. We just stook to the side of the trail and let them do their thing.We reached the overlook for Hidden Lake and had to take a picture. There were too many crazy people up there but I wish we would have asked someone to take a photo of all of us… oh well, next time.
Then it was back down the Going to the Sun road. Aiden fell asleep so Joslyn offered to stay in the car while we pulled off the side of the road to check out a small waterfall. The water was crystal clear and freezing cold, but that didn’t stop a bunch of people from jumping in!
Aiden was awake and not a happy camper when we got back to the car (we were only gone for 5 minutes). He cried off and on the 2 hours it took to get home, we were all exhaused and sick of being in the car with a crying baby. Aiden crashed once we got home even though it was two hours before bed time.

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