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As I get ready to share a sweet baby boy’s six month baby pictures I realized I hadn’t shared his newborn or 3 month pictures yet!  So lets remedy that before we move on.  This little guy was so sleepy and a dream for any baby photographer.  He curled up and slept soundly.  His parents are understandably in love!  A few of their photos even appear in the January issue of Montana Parent Magazine.  One of my favorite mother son images can be see on our facebook page.Bozeman baby photographer 2014-04-07_0011 2014-04-07_0010


Then right before Christmas this little nugget turned 3 months old.  He learned to smile and giggle and light up the room.  He also added some delicious rolls to his thighs.2014-04-07_0012 2014-04-07_0013


Kelly Kuntz is a Bozeman baby photographer contact Kelly Kuntz Photography for more information about Bozeman baby photography.


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