Guy Time

It drives me crazy when people say “Oh, Dad is babysitting…” It isn’t babysitting when it is your own kid! (ok I’m stepping off my soap box)

The end of maternity leave meant the beginning of Daddy and Aiden time. I think next summer and in the summers to come these two are going to love it. They’ll throw the football around, go fishing, and lots of other stuff just for guys, but right now they are just trying to get through the day without too many melt downs. Thank goodness for long drives around town and ESPN radio right Ryan? 🙂 Last Saturday was my first wedding back and it went great. Ryan and Aiden did great (which made it a whole lot better). As the last limo pulled away I snapped this photo of daddy and our sleeping son. Ryan was annoyed as he usually is when I try to take his picture, but someday he’ll look back and thank me.

(Ryan and Aiden don’t come to every wedding… we were guests as well as photographers for this one)


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