I’m still here…

Just CRAZY busy! Still trying to catch up from August weddings and the busy season has hit!

I have a fun blog post planned but I have to take the images off my cameras…

So for now I’ll leave you with Aiden and Dad watching football…and yes these pictures are a month old!

  1. Sam and Jules says:

    duh Kelly, I jsut erased all the pictures on our computer. Soooooo dumb. I was so proud of myself for organizing them, and as I put them in their folder, I threw the original in the trash, thinking it’ d save in the folder. Anyways, to make a boring story less boring…I emptied the trash, and gonzo. Bummer.
    Aiden is just so dang cute. We need to get him and our little man together when ours gets here 🙂 xoxo

  2. Sam and Jules says:

    OH i thought you said you erased your images, but you just have to transfer them. haha, opps. it’s late. I miss you Kelly!!!!

  3. Kelly Kuntz says:

    oh Julie! At least you learned your lesson before baby arrives. Miss you too!

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