Knocked up

SURPRISE!! We’re having a baby! Our twosome is about to become a threesome. Ryan and I are still in shocked, but were pretty excited.

I had a feeling I was pregnant back in late September when “Knocked Up” was released on DVD. Ryan kept telling me how he wanted to buy the DVD so when I was making the scary stop at Target to buy a pregnancy test I decided to grab the movie. I kept trying to tell myself that I wasn’t pregnant, but it only took the test 2 seconds for that little plus sign to change our lives FOREVER.

I nervously grabbed the test and DVD and made my way to Ryan’s office. I couldn’t keep the secret any longer (three hours was long enough!). Out in the parking lot I handed Ryan the DVD with the pregnancy test. “Oh thats great! … the dvd comes with a pregnancy test” “no honey its real” There was a LONG LONG pause and a look of horror and shock came over his face; I had to repeat myself three times because he kept saying “what?” Its funny looking back at it now, but we were so freaked out.

We past the three month mark and Ryan’s excitement grew and at times I felt that he was more excited than I was. I’m still in shock 🙂

Keep checking back for updates.


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