Life is getting back to normal

We’ve had a ruff couple of days around here. Aiden has been sick… real sick. It started about 10 days ago with a runny nose. Nothing big, just a little annoying when he tried to sleep. Then Sunday morning it erupted, literally. He coughed so hard that his morning feeding came back up, twice! The first time required a clothing change for mama and baby. The second time required interrupting Dad’s shower, dissembling the activity bouncer, and pulling out the carpet cleaner. Luckily it wasn’t worse and after he figured out how to cough things were a little cleaner around here. He would cough and then cry a little sad pathetic cry. He was so miserable. Then Sunday night the fever started. It hovered around 101 but would go down with Tylenol. He still wasn’t better Monday so we made an appointment with Dr. Pepper (yes that really is the name of our amazing doctor). She was worried it might be pneumonia so Aiden had to have a chest x-ray. That wasn’t fun for mama or baby. He had to be in a vertical vice with his hands stuck over his head. Thankfully no pneumonia, but she said it might get worse before it got better. Worse did happen in the form of a temp of 103.3 at 11 o’clock at night. Ryan and I were pretty worried. Ryan and I took turns sleeping on his floor for a little peace of mind. By the morning his fever had broken and it was back down to 98. HURRAY!

He is still coughing but he is feeling much better.

Here are a few shots from last week before he got sick.

  1. Sam and Jules says:

    awww poor guy! I’m glad he’s better though, that’s scary!

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