Little N • Bozeman Child Photographer

Isn’t she so cute!

I was surprised to find out that two of the one year olds I shot in September were both born on the same day! Little N shares a birthday with Peyton (look for his sneak peak soon). N’s parents have a great house in an awesome location just up the hill from a creek. As we were heading down to the creek their dog comes out of nowhere barking like crazy, ready to attack, fur standing on end… Mom looks just over the edge of the drop off to see a bear! Yes, a bear! about 10 feet from us. Thank god for the dog he saved us from walked right into the bear. Whew! The bear took off so we still went down to the creek, but the whole time I was looking through the view finder I was freaking out thinking the bear would come sneaking back. It was worth a little worry to use this beautiful location.

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