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ONE!  I love one year sessions.  Babies are usually full of giggles, smiles and can so off their tricks of clapping, crawling, standing and attempting to walk.  I dislike one year photo sessions because it means I won’t get to see this peanut in 3 or 6 months.  One of my favorite aspects of this family is that they made their session personal to them.  Their sessions were always in or around their family homes, using props that were important to them.  For example when we placed their newborn in the drift boat that held the gifts and cards at their wedding.  Shooting in the same location showed the passage of time with the change of seasons.  Her mama was standing in the exact spot she is sitting in the picture below.  Then we hid mostly indoors when she learned to sit and crawl.  Even though our year together is over I am excited to see the bubbly, crazy talking, running toddler that she is today and can’t wait to see her this summer throwing rocks in that same river.    2015-01-10_0005  2015-01-10_0003 Bozeman photographers 2015-01-10_00042015-01-10_0001   Kelly Kuntz is a baby photographer in Bozeman, MT contact Kelly Kuntz Photography for more information about Bozeman photographers.


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