picture dump

Were home from the hospital and I just wanted to share a few pictures from our stay.

day 1 – trying to catch some zzzzs between visitors.
Day 2 – meeting cousin Colter
very alerthanging out with mom
zonked… minutes before his circumcision 🙁

Dad is really good at napping
Day 3 – 7 am photoshoot

  1. Megan & Dom says:

    He is absolutely adorable!!! If you look closely at the one with Aiden sleeping on Ryan’s chest and miniaturize Ryan’s mouth, they look identical! We’re so glad you guys made it safely back to Bzn. Been thinking of you and your new addition; take care!

  2. Carroll Familly says:

    Precious! I do have to agree that he looks an awful lot like his daddy! So sweet. Hope you are feeling well and getting some rest.

  3. Sam and Jules says:

    Aiden is SO cute Kelly!! I thought he looked like Ryan in the first picture you posted in the cute red hat, but I can’t tell who I think he looks most like now. Maybe I’ll have to look at it again! He’s perfect though, and I’m so excited for you guys! How’re the dogs with him? I’m a little worried about our dogs around a baby…!

  4. Amy says:

    He is precious! Congratulations on your son. There’s so much joy and oh so much more to come!

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