Remembering summer


I’ve had an idea for a photoshoot in my head since before  Aiden was born.  Last summer he couldn’t sit, and this summer he couldn’t sit still!  The first challenge was to keep him away from the green tomatoes.  After a little snack I was able to get him into the tub.  My original idea was to take him to an open field, but the back yard had to do because I was running out of time.  Thanks Beatrice for letting me borrow your tub! (I’d link to her blog, but she still won’t start one ;-))


Let the fun begin!




  1. Julie says:

    Those are so cute! Aiden is one lucky dude that his mom is so talented with a camera!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Julie 🙂

  3. Beatrice Killam says:

    Yay, tub pictures! Talk about a case of ‘ask and you shall receive’ 🙂
    Looooove the pictures. Aidan’s such a cutie. Do you miss his baby curls yet?

    Take care,
    Your Non-Blogging Buddy

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