Super G • Bozeman Baby Photographer


Little Miss G has the most amazing blue eyes and is down right beautiful!

I came home and told Aiden (my 8 month old) all about his new little girlfriend 😉

The one thing I couldn’t get over was how easily she could fall asleep.  (Blame it on Aiden who won’t fall asleep until the situation is PERFECT). I’m so glad she did though because she was so peaceful and beautiful, and check out her lashes!

Thanks Cory and Kristi! and thanks to EVERYONE who reffered them (I think there was four of you!)16ablog17a1blog20ablog74bblog84bblog

  1. Angie & Fred Huschka says:

    What beautiful pictures!! Kelly you did good as a photographer & Kristi & Cory you did good as the parents that created this beautiful baby. Greta we love you and can’t wait to see you in March.
    Love – Gramma & Grampa

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