the BAD t-shirt

I found a fun tutorial for making Aiden shirts from old unworn (or worn) xl t-shirts.  We have a lot of those around here.  I love to sew so I thought.  PERFECT.  However it didn’t take me 90 minutes, double that.  I didn’t know how to adjust my mom’s serger so TOO much times was spent messing with it.  Holding the shirt up I thought it looked awesome.  Then I put it on Aiden.  HA02281001ablog

The neck was WAY too big, like a boat neck  or something.  Bad!  I could have fixed it, but I’d serged the arm on prior to trying it on him so it was done.  Oh well.  It was good practice.  I took it off Aiden and threw it away, oh well.

I’ll do it again when I have some free time.  If you attempt this shirt make sure you use a onesie that your child has actually worn.  I just pulled a crappy one I’d never put on him out of the donation bin.  If it is crappy don’t make a pattern from it! DUH.  So I have another one ready to be cut up, I hate to do it, but he’s grown out of it so it can live on as other shirts now.


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