This sweet little baby was such a dream to photograph.  I recommend that newborns be under 2 weeks of age if parents want their baby photographed naked and posed.  However I have to put  a little asterisk next to the 2 weeks, and say within 2 weeks of baby’s estimated due date.  At seven weeks old (born 6 weeks […]

inhomesession, newborn

July 14, 2014

Bozeman baby photographers • seven weeks

  I love how each newborn baby is unique and different.  Some babies will sleep for hours nothing can disturb their slumber.  While some are so interested in the world around them they they take it all in and are harder to convince to drift off to dreamland.  This sweet girl was the latter, obviously. […]

baby, inhomesession, newborn

March 28, 2014

wide awake • Bozeman newborn photographer

At 2 weeks old this little guy slept like a baby, not like my baby slept (ie never), but how babies should sleep.  He sure was content wrapped in his parents’ arms and snuggled in love.  Thank you for making my job easy and sleeping like a champ little O!  

baby, inhomesession, newborn

May 2, 2013

sleep like a baby • Bozeman Newborn photographer

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