*tap tap* is this thing on…

I try not to make this blog about me, but after Courtney’s comment yesterday I thought I’d better jump in and explain where I’ve been to my faithful readers.  I’ve let my life get stressful and I’m paying for it.  It all started a few weeks ago when I was shooting the rehearsal dinner for a wedding.  Life was great, everything was going well.  I got home and discovered I was missing a memory card.  The most important memory card of the entire evening.  Huge pit in my stomach.  I tore my bag/car/house apart looking for this card.  I had to tell the bride on her wedding day about the missing card to see if anyone had picked it up.  Just what she wanted to hear on her wedding day right?!  Thank goodness this couple was kind, caring and chill.  I was a ball a nerves for their wedding, it rained, and I couldn’t shake loosing the card.  I knew the exact place I last saw it.  Her Dad took their deck apart! and still nothing.  I was stressed and really disappointed with myself.  In 3+ years of being in business I’ve never lost anyone’s images.  I’ve lost my own, but never a clients.

Business has been good.  I took on too many clients the last month.  I took on too much at the Brandt Group.  I was working until 2 or 3 am most nights.  Now I realize that my once coveted ball chair is what broke me… literally.

After dinner 11 days ago my back started hurting… just a little, I thought I needed to stretch.  I gave Aiden a bath and then I couldn’t stand up straight or pick him up.  An hour later my back was in full spasms and I couldn’t move.  I cried… I felt helpless… I was helpless.

I’ve been to the Chiropractor daily and it is helping, but it is still bad.  I can’t sit for more than an hour without my leg going numb.  My back still hurts 80% of the day.  The work is still piling up, and I can’t sit down long enough to do it.

So I’m here, I just have to prioritize.  I’ll be posting at least once a week though.  I have lots to share.

And to end this poor me post on a good note… look what I found


Did you know a memory card fits VERY snuggly into a lens cap?  Oh Happy Day

Now I have to go ice my back.

  1. Courtney says:

    Oh Kel!!! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad! What a couple of weeks you’ve had. Never hesitate to give me a call if you need someone to run over an occupy Aiden for a bit or just help out. It’s hard to not take on too much… I should know too. I really struggle with being overcommitted. I do a lot, but sometimes it feels like I don’t do most of it well.

    Thank goodness for the memory card too! That must have been a totally sinking feeling… Glad you found it.

    Hope the back is better.

    PS: did you see that we sold the condo?

  2. Lane Tollefsen says:

    THIS IS AWESOME! You were such a trooper. P.S. we were not worried about the card, either you found it or life goes on. I hope you take from this that it is ok to make mistakes…even when you never have before. 😉 We had such an amazing time in Bozeman and are so thankful you shot our wedding. No one coud have been more perfect for the occasion!
    much love,
    lane and rory

  3. Amy says:

    Well, hopefully things will start getting better. . . finding that card is a huge step in the right direction! Let me know if I can do anything to make your life a little easier!

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