the belly – 31 weeks

I got a week ahead of myself and took the belly picture at 31 weeks vs 32 weeks. Now I’m too lazy to pull out the tripod, move the glider and do it all again. And it won’t stop snowing! so there isn’t amazing light. Seriously! when is spring going to arrive? isn’t is April?

The end is coming! Only 8 more weeks until baby is “supposed” to arrive. This week we are starting to go to the doctor every two weeks. The baby is moving around A LOT and doesn’t like any pressure, I can’t even rest my hands on my belly without getting kicked.

The one side effect that I don’t appreciate about this pregnancy is that it has sucked up my desire to take pictures. We went to visit our good friends in Kalispell, and I usually come home with over 200 photos… I didn’t take my camera out of the bag…maybe not even the car! I still take photos for work, but the personal photos just take a lot of motivation. I hope it fades soon!

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  1. Carroll Familly says:

    I can’t even believe that you now only have 7 weeks left! It is amazing how fast everyone else’s pregnancy’s go! It is your own that seems to drag on forever… Your belly looks so cute! Isn’t it crazy that it is only going to get bigger! Our bodies are amazing. Enjoy your last few weeks of baby movement.

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