the belly – 34 weeks

We’ve made it to 81/2 months! 34 weeks down 6 to go!

I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going. I’m getting big though. I have a whole batch of “maternity” shirts that are already too short, which doesn’t really make sense. Shouldn’t they be long enough to cover a pregnant belly?

I’m actually a two days shy of 35 weeks, but the picture I took last week was bad… and it took me until to day to get off my duff and do it again.

We had a doctors appointment on Friday and everything is checking out great. Baby is head down and has a heartbeat in the 140s. Something about the doctors office really woke baby up though! Usually baby sleeps all day and just has a few active parts of the day. On Friday baby wouldn’t stop moving! A favorite was to push his/her hands against my hip bone and pushing his/her butt up into my ribs. Its always funny when people ask “Is baby moving?” but then catch themselves and say “Whoa I can see it!” LOL

More frequent updates coming 🙂 If you’re out there reading this you should leave me a comment so that I know who is out there… it isn’t nice to just be a lurker 🙂

  1. Eric and Elizabeth says:

    Hi Kelly! I’ve been following you the whole time! I love it 🙂 Glad to hear everything is going well. I’ll probably see you Sat.

    Elizabeth Gilje

  2. Carroll Familly says:

    I am a lurker!! You are looking fantastic!! And your newest newborn shoot is adorable! You a such a talented girl. Can’t wait to see what the product of your love is…

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