The birth of Ty • Bozeman Birth Photographer

Ty’s birth was an intimate and emotional event.  It was filled with love and joy and tears and a ton of beautiful little moments.  He’s blessed with a calm loving mother who thinks of all of the little details, a proud father who was so supportive and remembered all of mom’s little wishes.

I’m always excited when a family hires me as their birth photographer.  I know that they will never know the pain of forgetting one of the biggest days of their life.  Ty’s extended family missed his birth day by 1 day so although they could not be there for the moment they can have the next best thing.



Birth photography is still a relatively new idea in Bozeman and I get a few intrigued looks when I introduce myself in the delivering room.  The Bozeman Deaconess hospital nursing staff are always so kind and accommodating.  I have heard many good things about Dr. Bradford and he exceeded my exceptions.

I want to thank Lisa and Derek for allowing me to share their birth slideshow with everyone.  This is a very personal event and sharing a slideshow is 100% the clients decision.


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