The Flathead Vacation – Day One

On the first day of our trip we were visiting Mark and Joslyn. Unfortunately we didn’t plan it very well and Mark had to work and Joslyn was coming back from

Aiden was napping, and Ryan was out getting coffee so I had to occupy myself… with xbox :-). I was playing Hexic a great simple game. Ryan returned with coffee… and had a little slip on the way in… oops 🙂 I played xbox for an HOUR and got such a high score that the game quit. It is amazing how much time you can waste when you have nothing hanging over your head, like proofing weddings, cleaning house and such. It was such a relaxing day. Mark and Jos felt bad, but it was so nice to sit around and do nothing except enjoy our baby when he wasn’t napping.

Aiden is smiling and laughing a ton and it is so much fun.

Hello chubby cheeks!
He drools like crazy now.
Chilling with dad… maybe if I post these pictures enough Ryan will stop making faces when I point the camera at him… wishful thinking I know.

  1. Sam and Jules says:

    FUN!! I love the video of Aiden, it’s so cute.

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