The weekend of firsts…

Aiden and I “tagged along” on Ryan’s recent business trip to Coeur d’Alene. I was really antsy to get out of town. We talked my parents into coming too so they could visit with my dad’s brother and his family (Uncle Jeff and crew). Aiden did amazing in the car thanks to his 4 month shots the previous day. He slept from the moment we got in the car until Drummond and then from Drummond all the way to Coeur d’Alene! I was on edge the last hour and a half because I kept thinking “he is going to wake up any minute… ” After a quick dinner with the family dad took Aiden and I to the hotel, it was late, Aiden was really tired and were hauling all of our stuff (babies don’t travel light) up to the room when we stepped into the elevator I proclaimed… “ah this is Aiden’s first elevator ride!” Ryan loooked at me with that famous “are you serious?” look. He’ll get into Aiden’s firsts once Aiden also gets into them 🙂 That elevator ride prompted me to do this post though…I don’t recommend staying in a hotel with a baby that you’re trying to get onto a new sleep schedule (that’s another post all together). Aiden woke up screaming three + times a night (yeah vacation) and after 10 minutes I had to feed him. However, feeding him every time he cries means that he fills his diaper causing a diaper and pajama change at 5 am with a crying baby, and two parents singing ba ba black sheep (LOL do you want to stay with us?). Ryan said there would be a cheering squad when we checked out… it was faint but we could hear them cheering.

Hotel photo shoot while daddy was at meetings.

on our way out for a walk;

Wow this post is getting long… are you still reading?

My parents brought their boat up and I talked Ryan into letting us all take a ride. Ryan’s had a firm rule that Aiden can’t go on the boat until next summer, but it was just a little ride and we had a life jacket (circa 1980s!)

The next morning I wanted to take advantage of the hotel pool and take Aiden swimming. So when Aiden woke up we headed down to the pool at 7 am. The pool was chilly, but luckily the hot tub was not hot so it was perfect. Aiden splashed like crazy, and swam around for 20 minutes, a boy after his mama’s heart!

So in one weekend here is a list of Aiden’s firsts;

– first trip in Grandpa’s truck (lame but a first none the less)
– first time out of the state
– first time to Idaho
– first time to Washington
– first elevator ride
– first hotel stay
– first time swimming!!
– first shower (no tub at the hotel post swimming)
– first boat ride
… I know I’m missing a few so I’ll have to come back and update this list.


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