Throwback Thursday…

Ignore the nekked girl… 🙂 This is all about the horse.
This horse has some history. This was my dad’s horse as a kid and his parents gave it to him when Christy was born (I think). He has promised it to the first grandchild, so our lucky baby gets it. I think it will stay at Grandma and Grandpas though since it is a little big for our small place, and were all about sharing with future cousins. This thing is a little bit of a death trap compared to today’s standards. Look at those exposed springs… oh my 🙂

Think of the photo ops we’ll have though :0)

  1. Anonymous says:

    We totally had a horse like that when I was a kid too! exposed springs and all. My parents taught me to do a rodeo queen wave on it.

    the faithful reader,

    PS- why didn’t you tell me you had a baby blog??? I had to find it on facebook!

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