Oh this sweet little fella was such a dream to photograph. He is so happy and giggled at all of my silliness and crazy voices.  I shouldn’t be surprised since he has been flashing smiles since is newborn photographs.  This sweet little owl quilt was beautifully and lovingly made by his grandma. 2015-04-29_0011 2015-04-29_0010 2015-04-29_0009
I really enjoy photographing families again and again, because It means we can do fun pictures to show just how much this little baby has changed in a few months! 2015-04-29_0008

Did you see this little guys big announcement?

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I think one of the best parts of my job is having the opportunity to witness a new life being brought into the world.  Birth photography is such a humbling and amazing experience.  I was elated when this sweet family asked me to photograph their birth for the third time with their third son.  Below are a few pictures from Landon’s birth day, but please be sure to view his complete birth story in the slideshow link below.2015-04-29_0001 2015-04-29_0002 2015-04-29_0003 2015-04-29_0004 2015-04-29_0005 2015-04-29_0006 2015-04-29_0007


The complete slideshow of the birth of Landon Eric.  Please note that birth slideshows and images are only shared with the express permission of the parents.

Kelly Kuntz is a birth photographer in Bozeman, MT contact Kelly Kuntz Photography for more information about Bozeman birth photography.

Have you ever wished that you could look beyond the photos and see what goes into making a fun photo session?  Well now you can!  This fall I had the opportunity to work with a pair of amazing film makers to create a little behind the scenes video about Kelly Kuntz Photography.  It was an honor to work with the people behind the great documentaries Walter and Where the Yellowstone Goes.  They worked their editing magic to make all my babbling, ums and nervousness non existent.  Miracle workers I tell you!  Lets face it I’m much happier behind the camera.  A special thank you to the T family and W family for providing your wonderful families to not only be photographed but filmed AND photographed.  Enjoy!

Here are a few of my favorites this family session since they didn’t all make the video.2015-04-14_0001 2015-04-14_0002 2015-04-14_0003 2015-04-14_0004

Kelly Kuntz is a baby and family photographer in Bozeman, MT contact Kelly Kuntz Photography for more information about Bozeman Photographers.

Eight years ago my best friend asked me to be her bridesmaid… and her photographer.  I suggested against it, I pleaded with her that it was a horrible idea and that it would never work.  She insisted.  She said she couldn’t imagine anyone else capturing her wedding day and also standing by her side.  I was honored, and I’m proud of the pictures I captured for her on that special day, and the many since.  I am also extremely grateful for a best friend that believes in me when I don’t always believe in myself.  A friend who trusts me with her most important life events and is encouraging along the way.  It is because of her, and the other wonderful friends and family in my life that believed in me, that have made me the photographer and business woman I am today.  So when she announced she was pregnant we immediately started planning newborn pictures.  It was so fun to see my friend in a new role as mother.  I am excited to have a little niece to spoil as much as she spoils my kiddos.  Little N cooperated with me for 2 days of pictures.  I can’t wait to snuggle this little peanut in a month.  Enjoy a tiny sampling of her newborn pictures.      2015-04-09_0001 2015-04-09_0002 2015-04-09_0003 2015-04-09_0004   2015-04-09_0007 2015-04-09_00052015-04-09_00062015-04-09_0008 2015-04-09_0009  2015-04-09_0011 2015-04-09_00122015-04-09_0010 Kelly Kuntz is a newborn and family photographer who travels to Polson, MT contact Kelly Kuntz Photography for more information about newborn photography.

Mar 03, 2015

2015-03-03_0001We’re headed out of town on a surprise trip for our family, but will be back soon!  There might be a small delay in email and phone communication.  You can follow our adventures on instagram I’m @kellykuntz.  Until then I will leave you with a sweet little baby, my best friend’s new tiny little daughter.  She is so easy going and tiny, a full 2 lbs lighter then my monster babies!