Playing a little catch up on the blog this month.  This sweet little brother is probably sitting on the rocky beaches of the San Juan islands soaking up the last bits for summer.  This winter I photographed this welcoming family in their unique Bozeman home.  Their home was so full of character and the brick walls made for a wonderful backdrop.  This little guy was such an easy going baby.  He snuggled in sweetly to all of the little poses and was content no matter how many times I moved him.

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As a toddler photographer I have honed my negotiation skills.  As much as I want to capture kids doing what they want to do, Mom and Dad don’t always want to spend an hour of our photo session throwing their daughter in the air over and over again.  This spunky little 2 year old was a tough negotiator.  She would sit and talk to me and giggle as long as I threw her in the air every so often.  It was a win win situation.  Mom got some beautiful photos, little girl got tossed in the air, and I got a pretty decent arm workout. 😉

2015-08-18_0001 2015-08-18_0002 2015-08-18_0003 2015-08-18_0004

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Montana makes for such a gorgeous back drop for capturing this sweet couple on the cusp of a life changing adventure.  Their little family will grow from two to four.  Yes, there are two little babies tucked in her tiny little belly.  One boy and one girl.  Our photography session started out with wonderful weather, and the wind picked up, the clouds rolled in and down came the rain.  Thankfully just like a normal Bozeman Montana day the sun was back out allowing us to finish their maternity portraits.  The moody skies made for some wonderful silhouette photography.2015-06-29_0006 2015-06-29_00042015-06-29_0007 2015-06-29_00052015-06-29_00012015-06-29_00022015-06-29_00032015-06-29_0008

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It isn’t everyday that a 6 month old pulls out a suit for his photo session, but this little man rocked it.  He was killing me with his cuteness, and the pocket square just puts it over the edge.  So adorable.  These sweet little brothers were awesome for our morning session together.  Littlest brother was full of smiles and that dimple!  My favorite part of baby photography sessions is the wide range of faces and looks babies will give you.  They can go from happy, to mega smile to silly smirk in seconds.  2015-06-26_0001 2015-06-26_0002 2015-06-26_0003 2015-06-26_0004

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Oh sweet brothers.  A few weeks ago I met up with these sweet boys at their Bozeman home to photograph these silly guys and document little brother’s 6 month milestone.  We had a wonderful afternoon being silly, with snuggles and fun.  Little brother doesn’t waste any time reaching his developmental milestones.  He is perfecting his sitting, standing and crawling!  When we meet again for his 9 month milestone pictures I wouldn’t be surprised if he was on the verge of walking.  This little guy doesn’t mess around.  He also loved being stripped down and playing in the grass.  I loved capturing those sweet baby rolls and gummy smiles.  Big brother is a handsome fellow and let me steal a few of just him.  2015-06-15_0001 2015-06-15_0002 photographers bozeman mt area 2015-06-15_0004 2015-06-15_0005

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