Fun family photography in Hyalite Canyon

I first met this wonderful family when I photographed their son at preschool. They loved his pictures so much they booked a family session for the fall. Mom sent me a photo from another fall family session requesting her family in with these mountains! Done and done! These mountains in Hyalite Canyon are just minutes from our back door. We are so lucky to live in such a gorgeous country. Typically Hyalite is much cooler than the valley, but we were blessed with a glorious warm fall day. Mom requested fun family photography and I think we were able to achieve that!

individual pictures of each kid
Hyalite Canyon fall family photography
Dad photographed with each kid

Hyalite Canyon offers so much variety for family photos. After 10 minutes at our first location, Dad asked if we were done. Nope sorry this is just the pine tree portion of the session, we still have to visit the river and mountains! This lovely family is relatively new transplants from Texas and when we arrived at the mountain location their audible oohs and ahhs made me so delighted. I love these mountains, but I tend to take them for granted having grown up just minutes from them. I grew up at the base of the canyon and spent almost every weekend camping and exploring this beautiful place. You wouldn’t believe it today, but when there were 30,000 fewer people in Bozeman, my sister and I would ride our bikes from Grotto falls all the way home.

girl giggles
sibling photographer
Hyalite canyon sunset family photo
individual photos of each child
Hyalite family photograph
relaxed family pictures

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