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Bozeman family photography
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Kelly Kuntz Photography
Bozeman family photographer

This location for Bozeman family photography has been my favorite the last two years. It looks and feels so wild, but is in town. It truly has everything, mountains, a river, beautiful trees, a fun bridge, and tall grass all with easy parking and a short drive from home. It is probably my most requested session location for family photos. Unfortunately it has changed a bit. Bozeman is always growing, and a new neighborhood is going in next to the park. This means the unobstructed mountain views are now a thing of the past. However there are still so many wonderful parts that we will keep going back as well as exploring new spots around Bozeman for family photos.

I am now booking Bozeman fall family photography for September and October in Bozeman. If you are wanting to get on my schedule please contact me today.


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