10 on Tuesday

1.  We’re looking at buying a second home… I’ll post more on that later because lord knows with Ryan nothing is a done deal until I see it with the whites of my eyes.

2.  At four o’clock everyday you can hear the sound of the neighbor kids playing on the sidewalk out in front of our house.  Every.single.day.  You think they would get bored going back and forth, back and forth.  But they don’t.  Last week it was warm enough that we ventured outside to join them… Aiden thought it was pretty fun.

3.  As you can see (in the video) our neighbors are selling their house.  Won’t you be our neighbor? 😉

4.  Because of #1 we’re canceling our satellite service for the summer, maybe longer.  Ryan and I watch WAY too much TV and the extra $50+ bucks a month would be awesome.  We’re keeping netflix though.

5.  We slept with the window open last night, and I slept like a rock!  I love spring.  So do Bailey and Lula.  They’re outside basking in the sun.

6.  I played in Ryan’s March Madness bracket this year.  I had North Carolina winning it… because Michael Jordan played for them (total house wife reasoning), then he gave me a hard time about it so I switched it to UConn… grrr why do I listen to him.

7.  I think I’ll make Mac & Cheese this weed from Pioneer Woman

8.  I’ve started to go back to work helping my Dad.  It is nice to get out of the house, away from Aiden (whom I love dearly) and into the real world.  My photography business is a real job, and real work in the real world, but being your own boss and working from home is HARD work… its nice to shut down the brain a little and work for someone else.

9.   Grandma June is coming to town and I’m stocked.  She is a hoot and always has lots of love to go around.  She was supposed to come for Christmas but the weather didn’t cooperate and neither did her pesky furnace.

10.  I am SOOO ready for green grass and leaves on the trees!

  1. Courtney Kramer says:

    Buying a second house? Dude, if you can afford it, I’m sure its a great time to invest in something… Are you thinking about buying something for you guys to live in and renting your current house, or vice versa? There are some awesome houses in our neighborhood if we could (sigh) ever sell Dusty’s condo (which he refinanced last month…). I’d really love a 2 car garage at this point!

  2. admin says:

    Court I said “home” not “house” 😉

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