2 months!

I can’t believe that little Aiden has been here for TWO months! He has been such a great baby, and I’m so thankful. This last month Aiden started sleeping through the night, not consistently but here and there, I think he has done it six times. He started smiling, cooing and squawking when he is happy. Today on our morning walk he cooed most of the time like he was enjoying the view or the breeze. Aiden is really strong and can hold his head up very well, he has even started to lift his head up when lay him down like he is trying to sit up.

This month Aiden has meet three of his five great grandmas. Insert cute picture here… bad mommy forgot to take.

At his two month doctors appointment Aiden was 13 pounds 5 oz and 24 inches tall…he is almost off the charts. The two month appointment also brought shots…it was rough but we both got through it. It is hard to hear your baby scream in pain to the point where he is purple. He did find his voice after getting shots though because his cries and screams, though few and far between, have gotten a lot louder.

Now that Aiden is officially 2 months old it means mommy is officially off maternity leave…but I’d argue that I never really went on maternity leave. I’ve done two sessions and a wedding this last week and now I’m waist deep in editing (or maybe nose deep…good thing I have time to blog). At my last session for a little two month old the mom made a comment about how many photoshoots little Aiden has probably had; photoshoots not so much… snapshots, yes. So the next morning I decided to stop being a bad photographer mommy and get some two month pictures of my handsome little man.{Aiden’s hands are usually in fists…tight fists, with one thumb out and one thumb tucked under his index finger if you look closely at the hand on the right (his left) you can see it.}


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