Leverson Clan

Last week was crazy! My mother-in-law had a family reunion at her house to celebrate Grandma June’s 80th birthday. She hosted her three brothers and her sister plus everyone’s kids and grandkids some 25 to 30 people! I find that it is really hard to take photos with Aiden around, but I’m trying to get better.

Here is the whole clan:
To celebrate 80 years of Ryan’s FABULOUS grandma June we put together a photo book (you can check it out here, firefox users will have to use a different browser like safari). It was funny to take a trip back in time with Ryan’s family. The last time the whole family got together was 17 years ago for June and Myron’s 40th wedding anniversary, so there were a lot of photos from the event. My favorite was one of Ryan and his cousin Kevin when Ryan was 10… they were so cool (note he was a Seahawks fan back then!). So Amanda (Kevin’s totally cool wife) and I decided (and demanded) that they recreate the picture… luckily they played along 🙂Another thing that came from the 4oth Anniversary reunion was a ping-pong tournament. I’m happy to say that after 7 games of ping-pong Brett (Ryan’s cousin) and I rocked it out and WON! There was even an awards ceremony where Ryan’s aunt Julie and uncle Brian passed the plaques on to us 🙂 It was hilarious!Aiden proved how big he really is when I laid him down next to his second cousin Ethan (Kevin and Amanda’s little boy). Ethan is two months older than Aiden, a little bit chunkier, but just as long!
Stay tuned for more…

  1. Sam and Jules says:

    fun!! We’ll have to bring our baby boy up to meet Aiden. I wish you guys lived in vegas (actually I wish we lived in bozeman!)

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