#365AmeliaJune • instagram Photographer

January 1st, 2013 I embarked on a personal photo project #365ameliajune.  An iphone instagram picture of my daughter everyday for a year.  I was able to take 320 days of photographs with two extended trips away from her and 3x a week in grandma/nana care I’m happy with that number.  Some pictures were taken just because I needed a picture for the day sometimes they were silly, and sometimes they were my favorites.  This project pushed me to photograph her more, to take a picture I might not have.  All of these images were taken with my iphone (4s&5) and after February edited with pictapgo my favorite iphone editing app.  I loved this project, but I am glad that they year has come to a close.  We both needed a break from the iphone camera.  This year my goal is to photograph her more with the big camera, and enjoy the moment.  A book is in the works, but after creating 2 different books and maxing out the pages and fitting all of them in I’ve had to go back to the drawing board.  365ameliajune

and here are a few of my favorites largerkelly-kuntz-instagram-favorites-aj1If you are interested in starting your own project I whole heartedly encourage it, it was a wonderful experience.



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