a big cardboard box • 10 on 10

Ten on Ten. Ten personal photos on the tenth of every month, with a great group of wonderful colleges, please look for the link at the bottom of the post.

We needed to replace our dishwasher and lucky for the kids it came in a giant dishwasher sized box. It has been anything from a house, a cave, a millenium falcon (with blankets for shields), a rocket, and more. Hooray for imagination!Kelly-Kuntz-box-1WEB Kelly-Kuntz-box-2WEB Kelly-Kuntz-box-3WEB Kelly-Kuntz-box-4WEB Kelly-Kuntz-box-5WEB

And because our life is often captured in iPhone photos I have a include many of those.Kelly-Kuntz-box-6WEB Kelly-Kuntz-box-7WEB Kelly-Kuntz-box-8WEB

Did you ever have a giant cardboard box as a kid? Now please check out what Nicole a Pittsburgh Family Lifestyle Photographer is up to this month.


  1. Kerri says:

    Super cool. Looks like your children had a ton of fun playing in there.

  2. My kids love boxes too! I wish I took pictures of them. They loved to hide in the box and yell “surprise.”

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