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10 on 10. I have joined a wonderful group of photographer friends and colleges in a monthly project where we post 10 images on the 10th of the month.

This year for Halloween I pulled out the big guns, and went big.  In reality I was making up for 5 years of half heated attempts.  Year one I pulled out a John Deere onesie and called my 6 month old a farmer.  The following years were slightly better with a variety of store bought costumes but hour hearts were never into the holiday.  Until this year when I started in late September to make my little lego star wars fan’s dream come true.


I’ll pause for a minute while you think I’m a creative genius and the best mother on earth… and then share with you the detailed instructions I found via Pinterest.  It was a big under taking but this lego costume was easy and not too time consuming just a few hours spread over a few weeks (paint drying….).  Amelia’s Princess Leia dress was just a simple fleece dress I whipped up using one of her current dresses as a template and her hair was a knit hat made from a men’s t-shirt.  The buns are knit tubes made from the same t-shirt stuffed with poly-fil and hot glued on.  Tips for those looking to make this in the future:  The mask limits vision obviously, sometimes he had to lift the mask up to see certain things like doorbells.  Aiden couldn’t walk up the stairs easily.  If you make this I’d suggest shortening to hip level.

Kelly-Kuntz-halloween-kk-2WEB Kelly-Kuntz-halloween-kk-3WEBKelly-Kuntz-halloween-kk-5WEB

Kelly-Kuntz-halloween-kk-12WEBDarth was in battle and lost his arm!


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