Lane and Rory {engagement}

I’m having a hard time writing this blog post.  There is so much to say, but the words aren’t coming to me…

Lane and Rory live in Seattle, but they both went to high school here in Bozeman (Rory for all 4 I think, and Lane for 1).  We met up and talked about the details of their wedding and lets just say it is going to be AMAZING!  I can’t wait.  Photo ideas are swarming my brain… do I really have to wait until July ;-).  With two designers the details are out of this world.  After wedding talk we ventured out into the cold for some fun relaxed engagement portraits.  They rocked it!


As usually there is always some excitement during the session whether it is a bear, lost cell phone, huge lightening storm, etc.. as we were coming out of a building we hear tires spinning and get pelted with flying snow.  Someone had driven off of a retaining wall/curb in attempts to enter the alley, so their car was high centered on the curb.  Rory tried to push her out, Lane gave her directions and I took pictures of it all 😉  Luckily two other guys came to Rory’s rescue and freed the driver.


Thanks Rory and Lane!!

  1. Casey says:

    I Was looking at your site once again and must say it is beautiful!! You really have a way of connecting with your subjects, something a lot of photographers haven’t grasped yet

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