Christmas recap part 2

After we left my parents house we drove home while Aiden thankfully napped in the car.  We parked leaving the napping baby and switched out gifts and got back on the road to Ryan’s mom’s house.

When I remember Christmas with the Oddy’s one word comes to mind… CHAOS!  4 boys 2 and under made for lots of action… and two of them pretty much just sit there.  Next year will be really crazy when their are 4 boys RUNNING around.

There are very few pictures because I was tired, and couldn’t hold my glass of wine and camera at the same time 😉


Ethan was having a hard time play Santa and handing out presents.  After handing Aiden three presents he decided that he wanted to open it, Aiden didn’t mind though.  Colter got exactly what he wanted three of his favorite things; Lightening McQueen, Spider-man and a Bobcat jersey.  To say he is obsessed with these three (Bobcat football come in a distant third but still an obsession) is an understatement.  It was adorable when Colter opened every present he was so excited and new exactly what it was after just tearing a corner of the wrapping paper.  He would announce the gift with excitement and then say “Thanks mama!”  It was so cute.

Thanks Janya for the Rudolph outfit!


My little Rudolph.


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