my little tester • Bozeman Child Photographer

Last week I took my little dude up the the location for last weekend’s mini-sessions to give it a test run.  It is a great location that I’ll be going back to again for sure, it screams Montana.

Did you know the hardest kid to photograph is your own.  He knows all of my tricks, I’m not a new and exciting person, and he like so “smile”.  Don’t you love it! ha!


So when I’m still able to get natural, fun, and happy pictures I’m elated.


We never go out the “take pictures” we go on an adventure.  He thought the fence was his own personal trampoline.  I think I had a hundred mini-heart attacks, but he loved every second of it.



Hooray for a great session with my own kid!

  1. Stacy says:

    What a cutie! Your location looks great!

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