pajama day!

Aiden and I took a much needed pajama day today 🙂 I’ve been a little too social and going into town three times a week (at a minimum) because I’ve been going to the chiropractor. We had a rough weekend though and Aiden has been a little extra fussy. He still is a really good baby and he is pretty good to us. We decided to lay low today and Aiden is loving it. He only was fussy for 20 minutes (so far) and has slept like a champ. I think he likes pajama day.

Just don’t tell Aiden that his jammies are technically called a “gown”. Middle of the night diaper changes are much easier with a gown 🙂
Aiden has dancing legs. When he is awake he is constantly moving his legs and stretching his feet.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the new pics! He gets cuter all the time! kelsie

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