What camping looks like • Bozeman lifestyle photographer

Together with six other amazing Montana photographers we continue our five month of a lifestyle blogging project. Our simple goal is to capture our own families from a true life perspective. This personal project we share is called, “What _______ looks like.” Each month we each choose to fill in that blank with our own words. We will each link to the next photographer until our circle of 7 is complete. I hope you follow the our circle and enjoy this peek into our lives. Hopefully it will help inspire you to start recording your own family’s unique moments.

For the past three years we have spent fathers day camping with our extended family.  Six camp sites, 13 adults, 9 roudy boys and 1 little girl.  I had grand plans of capturing everything with my camera, unfortunately our campsites were spread out… far and carrying Amelia 80% of the day I ran out of steam.  So this this what our camping adventure looks like via my camera, iPhone and my Dad’s point and shoot.

Now follow along and see what Jeremiah and Rachel and Skye Hatten are up to this month!


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